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Alternative energy is widely used in the Quad Cities owing to the abundantly available wind and solar energy. Wind mills and solar roofs are common in Quad Cities and add to the power generation in the area. The renewable resources for power generation result in less wastage and pollution. Visit the Nahant Maharsh exhibits to understand the wind and solar power generation in QC. At an individual level, owners are able to contribute to the society. Residential, Commercial, Government, and Industrial properties can offset their costs by the energy savings from solar roofs.

QC Solar roofing

Solar roofing is a popular choice for generating electricity due to the millions of residential and commercial properties in QC. Solar roofing is less noisy, less bulky, and works year round. It requires less maintenance and is easy to install. The energy rebates available to install solar roofs in Quad Cities make them a top choice. Energy savings can be in terms of net metering or a check from the local utility company. On grid systems are suggested over the off grid solar systems to maintain continuous power to the property. The electric energy generated from solar roofs can also be stored and utilized for charging the electric vehicles.

Solar roofing opportunities

The vast number of industries and residences have a great scope for solar roofing in Quad Cities. Hospitals, industries, manufacturing centers, schools, commercial properties, and so on have a great scope for solar roofing. Residents are increasingly aware of the significance of the solar power. They realize the advantages and cost savings of solar roofs. Property owners consider the solar roofs as an investment that can increase the overall value of their property. Ease of maintenance, installation rebates, and energy bills savings are the three main reasons people choose solar roofing in the Quad Cities.

Solar Roofing

Solar panels

Solar panels can be bolted on top of asphalt roofs or metal roofs. The solar energy is generated when sun rays fall on the solar cells and generate electricity. Additional electric circuits, inverters, and monitors are required for the solar panel installation. The solar panel installations are generally under a Power Purchase Agreement and are installed and monitored for free over their life time of twenty years. The solar panels require less maintenance and ca be unbolted and moved to another roof as well. Typical residential installation can generate 5 units or 5 Kilo Watt Hours per day. A roofer, solar installer, and electrician are required to complete the solar panel set up.

Solar tiles

Another way of installing solar roofs is to place solar tiles on the roof. The solar tiles have embedded solar cells and are not visible to the person from the street. The solar tiles are available in popular colors to improve the beauty of the property. QC Tesla is the emerging trend in QC Solar Roofs. A roofer and electrician are required to complete the solar roof. The interlocking tiles are simple to install and maintain. Some shingles are made of glass tiles that are made to be perform superior to the traditional shingles. Building protection and power generation are possible with the solar tiles. The solar tiles installation is permanent and all repairs must be performed by monitoring continuously.

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Solar roofs pros and cons

Solar roofing with panels require the roof and panels to function properly for the life time. The panels are self cleaning due to the heat generated. The direction of the panels can be adjusted to suit the needs. Any repairs must be notified immediately to the solar installer, electrician, and roofer. However, if you install the solar tiles, only the shingles need to be replaced in case of any damage. The tiles can cover the roof and generate electricity due to the solar cells. The tiles are tested for impact resistance, moisture resistance, and high wind resistance. For residential structures, solar tiles may be the best solution. However, for commercial or industrial roofs, solar panels are suggested. The electricity generation power of the panels is higher than that of the solar tiles due to the size of the panels.

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Olde Town Group

Olde Town Group

Olde Town Group is the leading provider of solar roofs in the Quad Cities. They are a family owned business located in Moline, IL. Sean Vogler is the owner of Olde Town Group who provides innovative home improvement solutions for customers. Olde Town Group can work on solar panels or solar tiles on your property to provide a renewable energy solution for your property. Olde Town Group takes up residential, commercial, government, and industrial contracts to serve most customers in the Quad Cities.

Call 563-723-9940 for special rates and multiple project discounts. As a General Contractor, they are a able to offer range of services such as deck, porches, concrete, gutters, fascia, soffit, and other exterior work. They can complete any interior remodeling work you may have.

Olde Town Roofing

Olde Town Roofing is the their roofing division working on large scale projects in the region. Solar roofing, roofing, siding, windows, deck, kitchen remodel, bath renovation, roof restoration, basement remodel, and so on are the services offered by Olde Town Group. You can combine your solar installation with other inspection and projects to get maximum cost savings. Olde Town Group can assist with any documentation required for energy rebates, home insurance claims, or financing. They have partnered with financial institutions to offer zero down and zero APR for borrowers with approved credit.

Olde Town Group certified

Olde Town Group are a certified IKO Shield Pro Plus contractor from IKO and they also offer top products such as James Hardie siding and Andersen windows. They are a SELECT Shingle Master from CertainTeed and a certified installer of IB Roof Systems. They can work on energy efficient roofs, solar roofs, cool roofs, flat roofs, steep slope roofs, and so on. They install any product you prefer and that is compatible with the existing structure. Their expertise and suggestions are offered to provide optimal solution for customers. Call Olde Town Group at 3097385550 or 3095171676 for more information about QC Solar Roofs.